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Visit us !

"Going" to church on your phone, tablet, or PC just isn't the same.  Come visit us !

Since 1992, people have been gathering together at ministry events held by New Life Ministries for Bible studies, to participate in worship services together, to take Bible college courses, & just to hang out -- in person.  Try it !

TUESDAY and FRIDAY evenings @ 7PM

Some answers to what people wonder about from time to time, but may not ask:

About coming to church for the first time:  Some people think the church roof will cave in on them if they show up.  (Heathen sinners !)  We are happy to announce that that has never happened.  In fact, people have come here & learned about forgiveness and walking in newness of life.  Try it !

*  "Dress code":  Some people over the years have asked what they have to wear to church.  (Customs vary with different groups, so not a silly question.)  Here it is:  wear clothes.  Cover your parts.  Hey, you can even wear SHORTS !  (Pastor & elders usually do.)  If you feel led to honor the Lord by dressing up for church, you are more than welcome to do that.  (We just don't require it.)

About money & giving:  We don't pass offering plates.  There are baskets up front when you want to give.  Most people who come to church here tithe.  That word means to give 10% of their income to their local church.  Visitors are not expected to do that.  (Your tithe is for *your* local church.)  We also give to other good causes, & encourage you to do so, too.  You give to what you want, as you feel led by God to do so.  If you have some money you feel led by God to give, you can check out our "Donate" page for info. on what we are building, repairing, maintaining, or upgrading, as well as outreaches we are either doing or planning to do.  (Of course, all of these things cost money.)  Our ministry is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization, so this may be something that will affect your tax filings.  (If not sure, ask your accountant.)  We can also point you in the direction of some really good ministries (besides ours) that need help to accomplish more of their visions.  Our church gives to other ministries regularly, and we encourage others to do the same.

Smoking (or chewing) tobacco:  We don't believe that smoking will send Christians to Hell.  (It may cause you to get to Heaven sooner than planned, and may make you smell somewhat like you've been to the other place, but ... )  Just don't do it in our buildings !  (It damages not just peoples' lungs, but also buildings.)


New Life Christian Center

1200 North Church Street

Austin, IN  47102-1012

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