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How you can help:

If you have been listening to sermons we stream live on FaceBook and post to our website, and you want to help fund what we are up to in this world, there are various ways to do that.  It is very easy to like our stuff on FB (which is free).  You can also share our FB posts so that more people are helped by what we are doing here, and have a chance to know about us (also free).  "Getting the word out" about us can mean "getting the Word out" about Jesus & what He can do to transform lives.  People you have repeatedly invited to church but who did not go to church with you may actually click on our videos on FB & watch them.  They may even go to our website & watch several sermons in one day (like binge-watching a series on Netflix).  Send them to digital / virtual church !

Want to do more ?  Here's how:

To give in person:


You can bring financial help.  Here's how:

* You can bring in cash, check, or money orders        that you put into the offering baskets.

* Want to give but forgot your checkbook ?  You can get on your phone or tablet & go to our website & donate instantly via PayPal.

* Got zero fund$ ?  We understand !  Come help us with volunteer labor !  (There's always something to do.)

* No money, no time ?  Donate stuff !  We take in donations of all kinds -- from trucks to food to diapers (used trucks are ok, but only unused diapers !).

You can help via mail:

The old US Postal Service will still deliver an envelope straight to our door.  (Some people criticize being "old-fashioned," but like the old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it !")  You can send us help to:

New Life Ministries, Inc.

1200 North Church Street

Austin, IN  47102-1012

To give online:

Want to donate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ?  Click on our "Donate Now" button & you can give anytime, day or night, through our nonprofit PayPal account -- whether or not you even have a PayPal account !  Send us $5 to try it out !

What will the $ be used for ?  (Where will my $ go ?)
Our ministry has over 2 acres of commercial property with 9,000 square feet of buildings on it.  Of course, this takes money to run, and money to maintain.  You can choose to help with any of these needs you want to, and donations earmarked for specific purposes are used that way where possible, except that we always prioritize where donation money is spent.  (For example, if you give $4,000 and earmark the donation to help us to buy a new 4K ultra-HD digital video camera and supporting recording and video editing equipment, we will make sure the basic bills are paid before upgrading any equipment.)

It only takes a few thousand dollars per month to run this property (utility bills & routine maintenance), which is paid for entirely through the donations of the people who physically attend church services here.  However, we have projects and outreach ministries which also need financial help to get accomplished.  Here are some specifics which you can give to today (current as of December, 2021):

1)  UPDATE:  Mortgage is PAID FOR !

2)  Routine monthly bills (electricity, property insurance, water, sewer, & dumpster bills, web access -- stuff like that).  (These usually total roughly $1.5K/month, but will be less expensive after our various efficiency improvement projects are completed.)
3)  Although we do not currently have anyone on staff, we do like to help our volunteers with stuff like gas money or food.  (Least we can do, right ?)
4)  We now have a digital outreach (which this web site is a part of) which reaches more people than we have coming to church inside the building !  It's a good thing, but we need to purchase a good camera that is made for continuous streaming in 4K resolution.  Our streaming computer has been upgraded with far more modern hardware, but the 4K streaming camera, its lens, and supporting equipment will cost nearly $2,000 in all.  This is why we are, after years of doing live online broadcasts, still using an old 1080-resolution iPad as our camera !  While this resolution is higher than what Face Book will allow for live streaming, we want to record in 4K then upload to YouTube &/or other video hosting sites later, after the live stream is over.  We will also be upgrading our existing sound booth in church to accommodate the additional equipment, including the servers and their monitors.  (about $2K-$3K estimated cost to finish)
5)  Our primary furnaces in the 6,000 square foot church building burn natural gas.  We plan to replace &/or supplement them with high-efficiency mini-split heat pump systems.  (This will cost $3-4K per round & will take two rounds, most likely, to complete.)
6)  Our main church building was built in 1995 using 20-year-rated shingles and needs a new roof.  We plan to replace it using long-lasting metal as the roofing material.  (This will likely cost in excess of $35K, depending on how much volunteer labor we have to work with, what type of insulation we add, and which type of metal we use.)
7)  Building 2 has similar roofing issues, and needs to have a new roof put on it.  We plan to use the same kind of metal on it as we put on Building 1, as well as remove a poorly-built addition & vastly improve the insulation of the building.  (This is likely to cost about $8K-$12K.)
8)  Building 3 already has one high-efficiency heat pump installed in it, but needs more heating capacity.  Its bathroom and electrical system need significant improvement, as well.  ($5K-$8K should complete these projects.)
9)  Building 2 needs more high-efficiency heat pumps installed, as well as various appliances upgraded & replaced, so that all of its lower-efficiency heating & A/C systems and other energy-consuming components are replaced with higher-efficiency parts with sufficient capacity.  In that building, drywall damage due to a leaking roof needs repaired, as well as various other repairs to bathrooms, etc.  (When all sections of that adventure are done, this will likely cost in excess of $25K.  Plenty to do !)
10)  Much of the 2+ acres of property is in need of improvement, so we do that as the funds are available.  We need a piece of heavy equipment for much of that process (called a "skid-steer") to help clear out the back half of the property, and to re-level the gravel parking lot.  (So, if you know of anyone who has a fully-functional skid-steer or backhoe they may donate, or let us borrow, let us know !)
11)  Having gone many years without a salary, our pastor could use @ least some mileage reimbursements for over forty mission trips, all taken by vehicle.  (This is not considered priority one, and those amounts are not totaled here, but if you're interested in helping with such things, feel free to contact us to see how you can help.)
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